Ulladulla Comp @ DLC

Published Fri 03 Mar 2023


Wednesday 8th March, 6pm

Hello everyone,

Many of you made it to the Launch Night last Wednesday – it was a fun and expansive night.

So now we move into the process of establishing our teams and grades for this Autumn Comp.

We will do this on our Introduction Night next Wednesday. If by chance you can’t make it, then please respond to this email.

I am still hoping that we might have 4 grades as listed below, but that will depend on numbers. While a standard team consists of 6 players on court, we may introduce an initial 4 x 4 format which has 4 players per team. This may mean that we get 4 teams per grade with which to begin and allow room for players to join in as the comp progresses.

Fees for 2023

  • A one-off Ulladulla Hub registration fee of $10
  • Term 1 Comp Fee - $20 (a short term)
  • Terms 2 Comp Fee - $50
  • If paying nightly - $8/night
  • Active Kids Vouchers can be used
  • Eftpos will be available
  • Note: VNSW 2023 Affiliation Membership to be paid in April 2023 – approx. $45/adult and $35 for U18

VNSW 2023 Affiliation Membership

This membership is compulsory as it covers our insurance and connection to wider support from VNSW. Our Govt requirements for sport in NSW make this aspect compulsory!

4 Grades

  • A - Grade (experienced players – juniors and adults)
  • B - Grade (Adults who are beginners or have long past playing experience)
  • C1 – Grade (Teenagers who have some experience)
  • C2 - Grade (Primary and High School Juniors who are learners or have limited experience)

Note: A grade needs at least 4 teams – we may merge grades where necessary


Team Rules for this initial mixed competition will be flexible! For the moment…

  • All players after their first night must be registered to be eligible to play.
  • Team shirt is encouraged, but not compulsory for 2023
  • Teams will be required to do duty with at least a referee and a scorer (help will be given for referees)


Game Rules

  • All players must sign in for each night
  • A game will last for 55 mins
  • Each set will be the first to 21 points, with the winner being by at least 2 points
  • Competition Points:
  • 3 points for a win,
  • 2 points for a draw
  • 1 for a loss
  • 0 for a forfeit